Hair Blending Enhancements Collection


 Perfect for women who...

Desire all over length and/or volume

Or are experiencing hair loss or hair thinning including the top crown area.

Or just want model beautiful hair 24/7 without time consuming styling and the use of styling products
Undetectable Even By You...
Blending enhancements are customizable to create a personalized look and fit.  Our customer service department is always available to assist you or your stylist or colorist to adjust the enhancement fit, color, density and other features.
For perfect fit and color please view the measurement chart & color choices
found on the "Shop" tab drop down menu above
All of our blending enhancements come are hand crafted
with our exclusive super fine invisible blending fiber crown material
that blends seamlessly with your own hair and scalp
Blending enhancements are delivered to you uncut and un-styled so you or your stylist and colorist can fully customize them to your desired look.   Customizeable features include:  color, density, coverage and fit.
* For perfect customization, we suggest that your hair stylist cut and style your blending enhancement while you are wearing it.