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You may have already heard that the majority (98%) of hair replacement systems, lace wigs, extensions and wefts sold on the market (yes, even the very expensive salon and hair replacement club ones) are made in China with little attention paid to detail or design, and the promised "European or Caucasian" hair is often processed Chinese hair sold as European hair at a higher price to you. Manufactured with cheap plastic, netting and hair, many "hair replacement" clubs, salons and websites sell these items under a variety of different names and claim that their hair replacement systems are superior.

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The fact is that most hair loss replacements or wigs tend to be overly expensive, and most are poorly made with cheap materials and hair, even the expensive "custom made" ones look "wiggy". They clearly have unnatural hair density and unnatural limited hair movement leaving women with that "curtain look".
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Because we’ve done our research, you can believe us when we say that those knock-off units can cost either a few hundred dollars or several thousands of dollars - often far more than what you’ll invest here. 

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what name they are hiding behind, or who is selling these hair-destroying knock-offs. What matters is that you know what to look for. Avoid products with thick barriers, caps, glues, toxic chemicals, clips, and invasive methods. Check testimonials for unpleasant “pull-thru”, “it fell off”, “it matted”, or “it ripped out my newly grown hair” complaints. 

Don’t feel bad if you’ve previously been the victim of one of the multitude of hair scams on the market. Remember, the key to always getting the best is education, so pat yourself on the back for continuing to look for the right solution. And remember. You can replace money, you can replace things, but you can never replace time. 

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