Dream Hair Blending Enhancements & Extensions FAQ

Dream Hair Blending manufactures it's own brand of products that are not available from any other manufacturer.  We are not a retail store or a salon..we are a manufacturing company dedicated to making our specialty hair products available to women everywhere.  From time to time we do make our products available to professionals and salons on a case by case basis.  If your are a hair professional or stylist interested in offering our products to your customers, please feel free to contact us at: info@dreamhairblending.com , or our customer service department at:  503-854-4138 for further details and consideration.


1) How are Dream Hair Blending Enhancements & Extensions different?

We have developed a patent pending new technology that surpasses even the most high end salon brand extensions as well as clip in and halo hair extensions. 7 years in development, our new technology addresses the problems associated with hair extensions today including hair and scalp damage from clips, bonding and matting, long and expensive salon visits, visibility, feel, discomfort and hair loss. Made 100% by hand our products long lasting quality and beauty surpass all others.

We also use this amazing cutting edge technology to create our blending enhancements for women suffering from hair loss, hair thinning, or who are just unhappy with their natural difficult to style hair. Blending enhancements look and feel like a natural head of hair and are very different than any kind of wig, hair replacement system, vacuum wig or weave. No need for glues, bonds, clips, shaving, special salons or maintenance.

Run your fingers through your hair and feel hair and your own scalp. Blending enhancements are different because they add hair to your hair own hair and enhance the areas where you need additional hair (especially the crown area). Our unique hair placement creates hairlines that are beautiful and undetectable even from an inch away. So comfortable, even you will forget it's not all your own hair.

2) How are Dream Hair blending products made?

Dream Hair Blending Enhancements & Extensions™ are meticulously created by hand by our own group of hair artissans with years of experience creating specialty hair pieces for major film studios and theater. We use the highest quality and most undetectable materials including our own proprietary technologies, and the highest quality European and Filipino hair available (we do NOT use Chinese hair).

Dream Hair Blending products are of the highest possible quality products that look and feel beautiful longer and are designed to be the most natural looking and feeling products available, as well as  comfortable, without creating hair damage.  Our products are fully customizable by you or your hair stylist and colorist.  

Our unique method of construction and hair placement ensure that your hair blending extensions or enhancement will have amazing natural movement and will look so real that even you will find it amazing. No one will be able to tell you are wearing anything but your own natural hair, even close up and face to face. Even someone touching your hair isn't easily going to be able to tell the difference...

3) How are Dream Hair Blending Enhancements & Extensions customizable?

Dream Hair Blending Enhancements & Extensions™ are customizable with respect to fit, coverage, hair density, color, length, and style.  Our products are delivered uncut and un-styled, so they can be customized by yourself or your hair stylist and colorist. Our products can be easily customized to create the perfect fit, density and color for your needs.  Our beautiful blended hair colors can be further customized by your colorist to match our exact preference (coloring and low-lighting is possible, but we do not recommend lightening).  And our customer service department is always available to offer you or your hair care professional customization instructions, tips and assistance.  

4) How do blending enhancements and blending extensions stay secure?

Dream Hair Blending Extensions™ are made with our patent pending technology which includes a  customizable and secure fit feature. Our customer service department is always available to assist you with adjusting instructions to ensure a perfect and secure fit.

Unlike clip in extensions or halo extensions, blending extensions blend in with your own natural hair and add hair from above the ears, down the sides of the head and across the entire back of the head to the nape of the neck. No tell-tale sewn wefting, bulky stretch bands, glues or bonds. Just hair that looks and feels like it's growing from your scalp.  

Your natural hair can be integrated with the blending extensions for a seamless look and feel. For women wanting the daily wear option, the thread thin fiber band works to secure the fit.   Our semi permanent option makes use of 2-3 of our tiny easy slip in and slip off invisi- beads that can be easily put in and taken out in a few seconds, and do not require salon assistance.




Dream Hair Blending Enhancements™ are made with our patent pending technology which includes a customizable and secure fit feature. Our customer service department is always available to assist you with adjusting instructions to ensure a perfect and secure fit.

Blending enhancements are further secured by drawing out your own hair through the open base, thus integrating your own hair with the enhancement hair which adds additional security from unwanted movement or shifting. The majority of women who wear our enhancements feel they do not need any additional securing than this.

Some women including women with very sparse hair or who enjoy sports may need to use 2 of our tiny invisi-beads, which will keep the enhancement very secure against the head. These tiny beads when closed shut lay flat against the head and are undetectable. The beads can be easily put in and taken out in a few seconds, and do not require salon assistance.

Women with nearly no hair or are without hair at all may wish to further secure their blending enhancement with our recommended ultra thin medical grade invisible tape placed just at the hairline area.

5) Is there any hair tangling or shedding?

We create our hair blending products starting with only 100% superior quality virgin unprocessed hair from Europe, Brazil  and the Philippines. We do NOT use hair from China. We do not chemically process our hair other than color and gentle perm.  Our hair is free from defects.  Following general hair piece and hair extension good care there should be no tangling and minimal shedding. Light shedding is to be expected over time as with any human hair piece.  It is important to treat enhancements and extensions as gently as you would your own natural hair.  We do recommend using a deep conditioner after every washing, and to use a wide tooth comb to avoid pulling on the hair, as this will ensure that the hair will look healthy and beautiful well beyond even the highest grade salon brand extensions.

6) Can I sleep, swim, exercise, be in high wind while wearing a blending enhancement or blending extensions?


7) How do I know which size to order?

You will find easy to follow measurement and sizing guides for both blending extensions and blending enhancements on our "Shop" page, so you can order the right size with confidence.  Since the shape of everyone's head is different, in the event your hair blending enhancement or extensions require fitting adjustments, our customer service department is always available to assist you with adjusting instructions to ensure a perfect and secure fit.

8) How do I care for my blending extensions or blending enhancement?

Blending extensions and blending enhancements can be gently washed in warm water and a moisturizing shampoo of your choice. No special maintenance is required for the care of our products, however, we do suggest the following:

Do not scrunch or rub the hair while washing. Rather, use squeezing motions to distribute shampoo and conditioner. Rinse thoroughly and be sure to condition the hair after each wash. Using a moisturizing conditioner often is important since the hair requires frequent conditioning to remain soft and beautiful.

Do not be harsh with your blending enhancement or blending extensions. Very much like your own hair, if you pull hard or are harsh with the hair, hair loss and ripping will result. Please view our "Washing & Care" video.

9) Can I wear blending enhancements and blending extensions in a ponytail or up-do?

Yes! Our unique technology allows you to simply and easily wear your hair in any desired style including an up-do or ponytail. Also part your hair in any direction or wear it straight back. Unlike other brands, the hair movement is just like your own.  Some (not all) women based on the shape of their head, may require some light securing in order to wear their hair in a ponytail or up-do.  In this event, our special invisi beads (provided with each order) are perfect!  Just one invisi bead on the right and left temple area is all you need.  And our invisi beads are also undetectable by sight and touch.

10) Which blending extension density should I order?

Dream Hair Blending Extensions™ are crafted entirely by hand and in a very precise fashion to ensure the most natural density and hair movement. The unique natural hair movement and styling versatility of our blending extensions sets us apart from all others.

All you have to decide is the hair density of your blending extensions. We offer 3 densities for our blending extensions.  Densities can be reduced by the self customization aspect of the blending extension and blending enhancement's unique design.

11) Which blending enhancement crown density should I order?

Dream Hair Blending Enhancements™ are crafted entirely by hand and in a very precise fashion to ensure the most natural graduating hairline and temple area, hair density and hair movement. The unique natural hair movement and styling versatility of our blending enhancements sets us apart from all others. Blending enhancement densities can be reduced (by you or your hair stylist) up to 80% to create the perfect density throughout the enhancement. 

All you have to decide is the hair density of your top crown area. We offer two densities, light and moderate.

Light density: Is perfect for women who desire less hair density at the crown area. This volume is the equivalent of 70% - 80% of normal hair density.

Moderate density: Is perfect for women who desire normal hair density at the crown area. This density is the equivalent of 100% of normal hair density.

12)  Do hair blending enhancements come pre-cut and styled?

Hair blending enhancements are meant to be fully customizable.  They are arrive uncut and not styled.  This is so that you and your hair care professional can work together to fully customize the enhancement by cutting and styling to achieve the desired look seamless beautiful look.  Since everyone's situation is different, you may want to have your hair care professional adjust the density in certain areas with general hair thinning, or adjust the color tones.  Additional customizations are also possible including removing up to 80% of the blending enhancement in areas where you do not desire hair coverage (except the crown area).   Full directions are provided upon request, and are also included in the directions that come with your order.  If you would prefer to have us do some aspects of the customization, we will be happy to do so!

13)  Why does my blending enhancement have some short hairs?

Blending enhancements are 100% hand crafted by master wig makers in our own studio.  Each hair is hand sewn onto the enhancement in a manner that mimics hair growing from the scalp resulting in the ability to style in any direction, allowing for natural movement and a beautiful and undetectable look and feel.  As part of this process, some shorter hairs called "folds" might be seen on a new unit.  This is like new hair growth on a natural head of hair.  Through styling and washing, the shorter hairs will begin to blend into the enhancement and will not be seen.  In the meantime, using just a small amount of hair oil or styling gel will keep those strands down until they disappear into the enhancement.  These short hairs are not a defect in anyway.  All hair pieces that allow free-styling and parting, regardless of the brand have short hairs.  Most brands use chemicals to strip and then coat the hair so that the short hairs are not visible.  However, those chemicals have proven to have harmful toxic ingredients, and in keeping with our policy to offer only non-toxic, green products to our customers, we do not coat our hair with these chemicals. 

14) How long will it take for me to receive my order?

If your order is in stock we will ship out to you within 2 days of receiving your cleared payment. Currently all orders are shipped from our shipping facility in Europe at the reduced rate of $25 regardless of your location. Shipping time to the US & Canada takes 10-14 business days. Shipping to the UK & Europe takes 7-10 days. Shipping time to other destinations varies. We generally ship via DHL, UPS, EMS, FedEx, or similar carrier.

If your order is not in stock at time of ordering, you will be advised by email as to when we will be able to ship to you (usually within 30 days).

15) Shipping Costs & Destination Country Customs Fees

All orders are charged the reduced rate of $25 for shipping to the US, Canada, the UK and Europe. We ship to ensure the lowest customs fees and duties (for your country's customs regulations). Your country's customs and duties fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.

16) Can I exchange or return my purchase?

Dream Hair Blending's main priority is our customer's satisfaction. Each and every one of our products is fully inspected to ensure quality and that there are no defects of any kind. However, if you receive a product that is damaged, or faulty, we will happily arrange an exchange at no additional shipping cost to you, when you inform us within 7 days of receipt. If you decide on an exchange for any other reason, it will be accepted within 7 days of its receipt. We must receive your item in its original condition and packaging, and in unworn and in like-new condition. Returns must be authorized first, and may result in a re-stocking fee. Please see our Terms & Conditions page for full details.

17)  I have a question that not answered in this section.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you in all aspects of your order.  Please feel free to contact us at:  info@dreamhairblending.com.  Or, call our customer service line at:  503-854-4138 until 3:00 p.m. EST.