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Julie Hiotis, Athens, Greece

My mother and I were asked by a representative to try two different hair blending products from Dream Hair Blending. I wanted to try the hair blending extensions and my mother a hair blending enhancement. My mother is 58 and she never has liked her thin hair. The representative cut the blending enhancement with my mother wearing it. What a change! It is not a wig at all but it adds to hair what you have already. I expected it to be too much hair for my mother but it was actually just right and not big. The hair is very soft and beautiful and as I am touching my mother’s head I could not feel anything to suggest she was wearing other hair. We were both laughing because she looked so pretty. I asked her what it feels like to wear and she said she did not really feel anything. She took it off and held it in her hand and said "look it’s just hair really, can you believe this? Maybe I can have one?" She could not stop giggling.

Anne Rengen, New Brunswick, New Jersey

During my stay in southern Europe last month I was one of the very fortunate people selected to test Dream Hair Blending's newest product "Hair Blending Extensions", the hair extension alternative. I have always loved hair extensions and have had them installed several times in my own hair, and have also purchased high end luxury clip extensions and halo extensions. I am also a hairstylist with over 25 years experience specializing in hair extension servicing and am considered very knowledgeable in extension hair, especially in hair type differences, processing techniques and hair quality grades. I also know all too well the damage that hair extensions can cause because I see it all the time in my own salon. My clients love the glamorous looks seen in magazines and on television, and they spend a great deal of money on trying to get those beautiful looks. Consequently over time the expense and the damage can be difficult to deal with. So when I was given the blending extensions to test with instructions to "test it in every way you can think of and write down your results, comments, opinions and suggestions", I was very curious to say the least.

The first thing I did was to examine the hair in detail. My own hair is a medium blonde and I know how hair extension companies process hair to get lighter blonde shades. It takes a lot of work and to do it right is expensive. All hair extensions in lighter colors have been color processed because finding natural color extensions in anything but black and dark brown is unheard of. And if you can ever find them they would cost several thousands of dollars. With hair extensions where the hair comes from is also important. Most hair extensions are made from either Chinese or Indian hair. Indian hair is not bad and often it can work just fine for most women. European is really the best hair for Caucasian women, but it is super super expensive (it wholesales for a few thousand bucks per kilo), is hard to find and often found to not be real European hair when xeno tested. European hair has a shorter life span than most other hair types because it tends to break down faster.

Brazilian hair is lovely as is hair from the Philippines. Nearly equal to European hair in so many ways these two exceed the beauty, lustier and lifespan of other types of hair. Finding real hair of this type is not easy either and what is sold on the internet is almost always fake. So both of these hair types do carry a hefty price tag, but are generally not as expensive as European hair. The hair on the blending extensions I was asked to test really got my attention. The package label indicated that the hair types used are European, Brazilian and Filipino. To me the hair felt and looked like European hair. I put the hair through my own testing process which included several washings, cutting, blow drys, brushings, combings, curl ironing and flat ironing to detect defects including damage, tangling, shedding and color inconsistencies. The color was a combination of three similar blonde shades that worked very well together and looked very natural. When I put on the blending extensions the end result gave my own hair a beautiful shimmery look. Later when I decided to go red, I was able to dye the blending extensions as well and they came out looking great with no damage at all.

It was probably the best hair quality I have seen used in hair extensions, actually even better than the top selling luxury brands I was using in my salon (i.e. $3,500 for a full head). I could see how these extensions could last over a year and more. Putting in blending extensions was very easy and they are indeed very comfortable. Blending my own hair with the blending extensions took only a couple of minutes and the result put a big smile on my face and got me a big "wow!" when I modeled my new look for my co-workers. Because of the way the blending extensions are designed you get a full head of extensions, full sides and back of head that move with your own hair but are not tied or bonded into our own hair so there can't be any damage. It is possible to take them off within a minute or two and put them back in just as fast. There is an option for adding small clips just above the ears but I didn't do that. There is also an option of using a semi permanent mini link attachment. Again I did not do that but I could see that two or three of them would work very well if I were to go swimming or wind surfing.

When Dream Hair Blending asked me to explain how I thought this product was different from all other hair extensions I began by telling them that I thought the hair quality, beauty and the ease of use of this product had me sold on it. And I will most certainly be recommending it as a great alternative to my clients who can't wear other hair extensions any longer. But upon further thought, that really is only half of the story. I think that the biggest difference that I found with blending extensions was how they feel and how they look when wearing them, especially up close. The hair of the blending extensions appears like it is hair coming from the head and has the same natural movement and bounce as natural hair. Obviously this is because the blending extension hair is hand applied onto a thin fiber. There isn't that bumpiness as with a sewn weft or a salon attachment process. You can touch the head and feel hair, not an attachment or weft ridge. And when viewing the scalp close up you cannot really tell that you are wearing extensions. I have never found that with any other type of hair extension product. And last but not least is the added benefit of being able remove hair if you need to so that you end up with just the right amount of hair for you. All that at a price well below salon extensions. To me this is amazing and wonderful!

Thank you for allowing me to test this great product. You have made me a believer and a customer.

Nisha Washington, Baltimore, MD

I've been a lace wig fan for years now but they have really taken a toll on my hair. The glues have caused my hairline hair to not be able to grow again. Of course I was upset because I really didn't want to stop wearing my lace wigs since I really love the look. My sister came across the Dream Hair Blending Enhancement website and we both were very interested. It sounded almost too good to be true. I couldn't understand how there could be no attachments or adhesives with the blending enhancement, so I called the company and spoke to one of the women there who was in charge of the design department. She was terrific and was able to answer each question thoroughly. I was very impressed with the whole thing and she said I should send her some photos of my own hair and hairline before ordering so they could see how the enhancement could work for me. My sister and I both sent our photos by email and another designer called us back the next day. The designer really went in depth about how the blending enhancement would work for me, but said that my sister didn't really need one for a hair problem, but they would make one just for more hair length if she really wanted it, even though they didn't think it was necessary. I liked their honesty because they could have just tried to sell us each one. I ordered an enhancement but my sister took their advice and didn't.

The enhancement is really great and easy to wear. I like it much better than the lace wigs and I can shower and sleep with it on and I don't even feel it. I also like it because I can touch my hair and it does not feel like I have anything on. My boyfriend didn't believe me when I told him I was wearing a hair unit. I had to take his hand and put it against my scalp so he could feel the difference between my hair and the enhancement hair, and still it was hard to feel. He couldn't get over it. My hairline hair is actually starting to grow back now that I'm not using any adhesive and I'm very happy about that. I'm going to order another blending enhancement next month to take advantage of their customer loyalty program which gives you 10% off if you order from them again.

Louise Williams, London, UK

In my line of work appearances are everything and unfortunately my natural hair is far from what anyone would describe as lovely. Over the years I have spent a fortune (literally) on trying to make my hair appear beautiful. Some results were acceptable, but none were what I would call perfection. Thankfully a stylist that I have worked with over the years suggested that I contact Dream Hair Blending because she had several clients that used their hair enhancements and they continue to rave about them. I will forever be in this dear person’s debt. I cannot even begin to describe how pleased I am. I have now recommended Dream Hair Blending to several other women in my industry. A delightful experience all the way and worth every penny.

Jackie Anastasos, San Diego, California

I very much like this blending enhancement concept, I absolutely do. I have worn lace wigs, Great Lengths extensions, Reallusions, Sequence, Vacuum wigs, you name it. I had been told that I must shave off my hair completely or use some horrible smelling adhesive or attaching gizmos. Dream Hair Blending does what it claims and there are no gimmicks. Being able to have such a great look and an open base that’s like my own hair is so wonderful that I still can't get over it. I love running my fingers through my hair - it's the best feeling. It takes away that self conscious feeling from thinning hair. The quality is just so beautiful and I have experienced no problems even after 7 months. I can't believe how light it is, it weighs nothing at all. And how it blends so well with my own little bit of hair. This is a company that really cares about their product and it shows. What a huge difference from the others. The cost is not that bad if you keep in mind that the cost is the only thing you pay because you don't have any maintenance costs. I do not even need any of the hair products that were previously a non-negotiable expense; saving me about $50 a month and freeing up my bathroom counter space. I recommended Dream Hair Blending to a friend and the company sent me a very nice credit towards a future order, and I fully intend to use it. 5 stars to Dream Hair Blending!

Maria Gatalina, Sydney, Australia

It was a nerve wracking experience for me to order something online and I was very worried about what I would be getting by ordering such an expensive item in that way. I did speak with a representative three times and she was very kind and understanding and she spent a great deal of time answering my questions without trying to sell me the product. I did appreciate that very much. What a wonderful relief when I did receive my order. It was more than I expected and I feel so fortunate. I cannot thank them enough. I love love love it. I will certainly order again.

Tina Clemence, Ft. Myers, Florida

I ordered a blending enhancement from Dream Hair Blending from their website around 6 months ago. I've been undergoing medical treatment and as a result of the drug therapy my hair has thinned all over. I really didn't want to wear a wig and was looking for something that would be the best answer to combat my problem. After spending ridiculous amounts of money on hair loss products, I wasn't sure about ordering on-line. The cost is certainly an investment, but overall I am very pleased with the result. This is by far the best hair system product I've found. It's easy to wear and it is care free maintenance and I am relieved that I do not have to worry about damage to my own little bit of hair. I am very puzzled why no one has come up with this before, it's a very well thought out design and a well made product. The company is very easy to deal with and they are certainly helpful. At first I wasn't sure about their claim that their product is undetectable and comfortable, but surprisingly, it really is. I've spent twice the amount of money on units and wigs that can't really compare to this product.

One more thing, I think the company should try and get more salons to carry the product because then it would be more easily available to women like me. I wish I had come across the company's website earlier because I spent so much money on other products that really were not up to their hype. I would definitely recommend Dream Hair Blending Enhancements.