Dream Hair Blending Enhancements & Extensions The Facts

Your Dream Hair Is 100% Safe.  

If you’ve used other methods to try to return your hair to its natural fullness, or get that gorgeous model look, you’ve probably experienced hair and scalp damage. Damage most frequently caused by products that use bulky sewn wefts, sticky tapes, glues, bonds, sewing, wires, weaving and shaving. xx




 Take a deep breath and relax because Dream Hairs’ patented technology means it comfortably and snugly conforms to your scalp without harming your scalp or breaking off new or thriving hair.  Plus it's guaranteed to stay vibrantly beautiful 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


See Which Style Compliments You Best xx

Your Dream Hair Is 100% Self Controlled

& Transforms With You As You Change Your Style - In Minutes.

What if you didn’t have to go to the salon to adjust and maintain your hair additions?  Wouldn't it be great not to have to pay $100’s to have a hair piece or extensions “weaved”, hot glued, or sewn back into place?  Wouldn't it be wonderful not to ever again have to worry about damaging or inhibiting the growth of new hair?  Or having to suffer through “special hair maintenance”, hair styling products, or costly hair replacement clubs?  With Dream Hair Blending it is all possible!

Plus you can easily customize your own coverage, length, color, fit, density, and of course, style, and integrate as much or as little hair as you desire-- with or without professional assistance.  It really does not get any better than this! 

Stop Allowing Your Hair Routines to Steal Away Time

You'll Never Get Back...

Discover How Gorgeous You'll Look
Your Dream Hair is Hand-Crafted Over 27 Days From
European and Filipino Hair of Unsurpassed Quality

Sourcing only the highest quality Virgin European and Filipino hair, our products are meticulously and entirely hand crafted in by hair-artists in our own studio where each piece takes 27 days to create.  Unlike 98% of hair offerings, we refuse to compromise which means no Chinese hair, and no Chinese manufacturing.

On the rare occasion it is necessary to achieve the desired color and texture, we color and texturize the hair as needed using very strict controls and only the finest European professional salon brand hair colors, non-damaging steam texturization and pure organic coconut oil.   

And to guarantee you’re hair looks as natural as if it has always been on your head, the hair cuticles remain in the proper direction.  

The Results: You’ll experience touchably soft, easy to manage hair you can run your hands through as naturally as if you were born with it.   Only better…

Take Back Your Power & Re-Claim Your Beauty


"You'll be pleasantly surprised when you run your hands

through your Dream Hair, and it feels like it's your own. 

We know because we wear them too!"

August DiChristina, Inspiration and Creator Of Dream Hair Blending" 


To See How Dream Hair Blending Enhancements & Extensions Work Watch Our Informational Videos.  Click Here