Dream Hair Blending Enhancements & Extensions Colors

Each of our 12 color shades create a beautiful and natural look.  Because every woman has her own special color and highlight preference, all of our hair blending enhancements and extensions colors can be further customized by your hair stylist/colorist.
Choose the color closest to your natural color, or lighter.
Blending extensions and enhancements can be colored and low-lighted, but lightening is not recommended.
 Do you need a custom color?  
Just chose a color closest to your custom color during the order and checkout process.  Then, within 24 hours send us an email at  info@dreamhairblending.com with your hair color brand (Loreal, Wella, etc.) and the color number(s) you desire, and we will match those color(s) for you.  You can add a highlight color too!  Don't forget to write your name in the email.



Blending enhancements & extensions come with a supply of 100 of our invisi beads in the matching hair color.  Easy to follow directions and closing/opening tool come with each order.



Perfect for blending extensions semi-permanent option (all you need is one on each side of the head).  You can put them in and take them out yourself in a jiff!
For blending enhancement wearers, generally invisi beads are not needed as the enhancement by design stays firm and secure on your head (most wearers do not use them).  Sometimes you may desire just a bit more security if you are going to go swimming or wind surfing, or motor biking without a helmet, etc.  Just one invisi bead on each side at the temple area keeps your enhancement in place even in very high winds.