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Several years ago the first series of Dream Hair Blending Enhancements™ were born as a result of one woman's experiences of severe hair thinning and her long and difficult journey to finding a real and honest solution to her own hair thinning and subsequent hair loss problems. This brave woman's name is August DiChristina, and you can read her inspirational story below. Because of Augusts’ story, hair blending enhancements were created and since 2007 have helped multitudes of women on 6 continents regain their crowning glory in a way that no other product has been able to. 

Over the years we began hearing from another group of women who were hair extension wearers. These women were both clip in and salon hair extension wearers who loved the look of hair extensions but not the damage, cost and maintenance associated with them. Did we have anything like the blending enhancement solution that would work in place of hair extensions; we were asked almost daily on phone calls and in emails. Even though we did have customers who were wearing the blending enhancement as a hair extension alternative, we began to realize that all women who wore hair extensions could benefit from a better alternative to what was available in the hair extension world. So as we did with working to find an answer to Augusts’ problem, we got busy! 

Our design team decided to explore the possibility of creating such an alternative, that not only eliminated the damage and maintenance issues associated with hair extensions, but that would also make them undetectable by touch and sight, and self customizable to suit nearly every wearer's needs. As with the blending enhancement, after many re-designs we came up with our answer, which we proudly call Dream Hair Blending Extensions™. This product is so amazing! And we are so proud to be able to now offer it to women everywhere. We invite you to visit our website: www.DreamHairBlending.Com and experience the Dream Hair difference.  

Now, as promised, here is Augusts’ story.... 

My name is August DiChristina and I am one of the original creators of Dream Hair Blending Enhancements™. They say that invention is often born out of necessity, and in my case that was certainly true... 

I don't mind saying it, I always had gorgeous hair! All of my life my hair was full, shiny and ultra long. I was used to frequent compliments on my hair and it was indeed my crowning glory. I just loved it! Who wouldn't? It got me noticed everywhere I went, and it looked great in photos. Even though I was a very successful business woman with my own manufacturing company, people often commented that I could be a hair model. Naturally I was flattered by the wonderful attention my hair got me, who wouldn't be after all? Well, that was until I hit the age of about 32, and a hormonal imbalance started the downfall of my crowning glory, and with it, my feelings about how I looked and the resulting nosedive that my confidence took for the next five years. 

As these things do, it started slowly..."hmmm..is the hair at the very front of my hairline looking thinner, or am I just imagining it?" Then about a year later, "Oh my God, is that a bald patch starting just to the right of the part in my hair?" Two years later, "I can't believe it! I can see right down to my scalp in the back". Then more time went by and the thinning just spread and spread. I had about half of my normal hair density and the thinning was very prominent in the crown, hairline and sides. My crowning glory was no more. What could I do? 

I tried wearing my hair slicked back and in a long braid to cover up the hair loss as much as possible. Not long after I had to add a head covering like a cap, beret, hat...I ended up with a whole collection. Of course, after awhile people began to wonder why they never saw me without my head covered. Then I tried makeup and powders to camouflage the thinness. Ugh....even with skilled application all I managed to accomplish is to look like someone trying to hide her thinning hair. As time went on I became more and more devastated. 

The doctors offered no real hope and suggested the options of taking drugs for the rest of my life or having surgery. Trust me I seriously thought about it. I started a furious search on the internet for other less drastic solutions. That started my journey into what I call "the hair replacement road to hell". All in all I spent close to $12,000 on one hair replacement solution disaster after another. I saw one "professional" and then another; one famous "hair replacement salon", and again another. They all promised that they could give me the hair I used to have. What I ended up with was the following: 

1) Hair Extensions (not a bad solution for the sides and back of my hair, and for length, but, completely visible on the top and crown area). Needless to say, even with those special "super small bonds", that was $1,500 down the drain and I looked like I had tiny balls of glue on my crown area, where the extensions were bonded to my own hair. People kept asking me if I knew I had little bits of glue in my hair. How embarrassing. The hat went back on, and I had just become $1,500 poorer; 

2) Next were the world famous hair replacement experts (I won't mention them here, we've all seen their infomercials and magazine ads). I was promised a completely undetectable unit custom made in Europe. It would be so fine, light and airy that I would hardly notice it myself. The cost - $3,000, and that did not include the monthly maintenance visits of $150 each. I was stunned, but bit the bullet and agreed. I anxiously waited for 12 weeks for my custom unit to be made, and at my fitting was presented with my hair replacement solution. My face fell in shock. It was a thick plastic cap with hair attached to it that would fit the entire top of my head. I remember thinking "you have got to be kidding me!" This is not what they told me I would be getting. What was light and airy and undetectable about this?? Then they began the fitting process. The thick cap was slapped onto my head, then glued on to my sparse hair in the front and weaved into the hair in the back and sides. It was so poufy and about as natural looking as wearing an oversized wig. Not to mention it felt so weird on my head and not comfortable at all. I went home and spent the next 2 hours trying to get it off my head. I ended up having to cut it out of my hair. I cried for about another hour and then went out and bought more hats. 

3) About six months after that, I learned about high end custom made lace-front wigs. I didn't like the fact that I'd have to have a lace barrier attached to my scalp with glue, but it was better than the plastic cap that cost me $3,000, and people were starting to ask me why I always wore a baseball cap. I had to do something. At least the lace front was going to cost less -$1,900.   

Well, the lace front wig looked good for about a week, but was not what I'd call comfortable by any means. It did not fit against my head and I had to hide all my own remaining hair underneath it. Then it began to fray from the glue. I hated the glue! Why couldn't there be something for me without glue???? I'm not sure which was worse - the glue or the itchiness. All I wanted to do was scratch under this thing. After about a week, I gave up and took off the lace cap, wondering if I just shaved my head, could I possibly get away with a G.I. Jane/Demi Moore look? Nope. Looks great on her, but on me, I'd just look like an unattractive navy seal. I was completely miserable. On the bright side, I added bandannas to my hat collection which added a little variety. My very good friend (who did not have a hair loss problem) wore them all the time and they looked great on her. They were versatile and colorful, but definitely not a good look with professional attire for business meetings. So the search for my hair replacement solution continued... 

4) Integration Units. "Easy integration using a net base. Just pull your own hair through the holes of the net ". I ripped out the ad from a hair magazine and thought that at last I had found my solution. No glues, or ties, or clips. I was thrilled! Well, at least until it came in the mail, and I saw the invoice. I had to blink to make sure I was reading the price correctly. I held the unit in my hands. Well, yes, it had a lighter feeling, which was nice. But, how was I supposed to pull my hair through crocheted yarn? It took 4 hours and I got cross eyed trying to get the unit on my head using the bathroom mirror to see what I was doing. Ok, no glues, no clips, but the hair was seriously dense and not what would be considered natural looking on anybody. The holes were a nightmare and you could see hair covered yarn clear as day if you looked down onto my scalp. No matter what I did I could not get the thing to sit snugly onto my scalp, and the whole thing kept shifting on my head. I could never get a comb through it, and I was afraid to let anyone touch my hair because their fingers would get caught in the holes. It itched like crazy and the yarn was so bulky from being crocheted that I looked like I had lumps around my head. Good thing I wasn't dating anyone at the time. When I complained to the company, they offered to let me order a different "customized" unit. I told the customer service agent exactly what I thought of that idea and hung up on her. 

5) Micro Point Links/Strand By Strand Attachment. After three weeks of trying to scratch under the integration net because my hair was pulling (I didn't realize it was matting under there), I discovered "Micro Point Links". Hair that is attached to your hair strand by strand. I didn't want to get my hopes up, but it seemed like a good concept. Three strands of hair would be "attached" to one strand of my own hair to create fullness and density. On my first visit I could get around 800 new hairs. Ok, it was going to cost me close to $1,000 but at this point I was desperate. It took the technician an hour to take off the old integration unit, and it hurt like heck. I cried over the clumps of hair that came out from my scalp from her having to pull out the tangles and mats that were created under that thing. Then she began attaching the Micro Point Link hairs to my own very sparse hair. The whole thing took about a couple of hours, but it did not hurt, and I was pleased about that at least. When she finally finished, I looked into the mirror. From about 4 feet away it looked good, but I would definitely need a lot more hair. I quickly did the math in my head. Great...this was going to end up costing me about ten grand a year if the hair had to be replaced every few months because of new growth. Upon closer inspection, I realized that the Micro Point Link hair attached to my hair with tiny knots. Ok, I knew that because they showed me the hair before they began the process. What I didn't realize is that all those little knots together on a person's head make them look like they are suffering from some kind of strange dandruff or like they have little tiny knots in their hair (which they do!). I left the salon feeling at best, that at least I didn't have to wear a hat or bandanna, but this was most definitely nothing like my old hair. And that's what I wanted! The hair I used to have... maybe even better, if possible. There just had to be a way to make that happen. 

So that next weekend my very good friend and I decided to take matters into our own hands and we immediately started researching and making calls. We talked to everyone we could find who knew anything about hair replacement methods, one "expert" after another, wig makers, hair factories all over the world, technicians, doctors, and anyone else who claimed to have the perfect answer to women’s hair loss. It was not long before we became completely discouraged by what we were hearing. Plainly and simply - what I wanted was just not out there. No one had it. Everyone kept telling us it just did not exist and I was being very unrealistic to think it was even possible. After a few very discouraging months, my friend and I decided that if it was not out there, well then we would just have to create it! 

We spent months talking with women on-line and on the phone that were all suffering from hair loss and thinning related to a lot of different reasons. Just about everyone had different severities of hair loss, and each woman had her own nightmare stories about trying to find a hair replacement solution that worked for her. But obviously we all seemed to have the same common goal: we all wanted to have great looking hair again. Natural looking and feeling hair, using a method that didn't cover up the entire scalp, that didn't require glues, clips and such. Something where your own hair could just seamlessly blend in with the replacement unit easily and quickly and you could put it on and take it off yourself. Something that didn't cause matting or tangling, and was really undetectable, even by touch. And it shouldn't involve costly required regular salon maintenance visits. Plus it had to be durable and great looking so as to last at least a year or more, and lastly, it would not cost truck loads of money. A tall order, but we were completely determined.  

After many tries and dozens and dozens of re-designs, the end result was exactly what I had envisioned, and eventually became to be known as Dream Hair Blending Enhancements™. It took a total of four years to create this concept, but the wait was definitely worth it!! I had my hair back!!. No correction - I had even better hair than I used to!! I looked terrific again. No more hats or bandannas. Just beautiful, thick, lush, long silky hair. I could run my fingers through my hair and feel my scalp. No glues, thick plastic or anchoring ...nothing but a super fine "barely there" open base and beautiful hair.. I didn't have to worry about people noticing anything but my beautiful hair. I could part it anyway I wanted, or wear it straight back, up or in a pony tail. My hairline and crown area became full again and completely natural looking. My own hair completely blended with the enhancement so it really was undetectable. It was so comfortable and undetectable that I could honestly forget that I was wearing anything at all. I loved the feeling of showering with my "new" blended hair. I loved brushing it, curling it, blow drying or flat ironing it - I LOVED it. Yes, I even slept with it waking up every morning with magazine model beautiful hair. I slept in it because it felt so good, so natural; I really forgot it was even there. I could even shower, swim, and exercise while wearing it. It was truly amazing and I could not have been happier. It was worth all the years and effort. 

Since then, thousands of women worldwide have experienced the joy of having beautiful hair again with Dream Hair Blending Enhancements™. They say there's a reason for everything. I never thought that in trying to create my own solution to my hair thinning and loss, that I could help other women with theirs. But what a blessing that has become! 

If you have suffered too long with the embarrassing and terrible life altering effects of hair thinning and loss, due to illness, age, hereditary, or for whatever reason, Dream Hair Blending Enhancements will help you get back your self confidence and let you feel once again, like the beautiful woman that you are inside and out. 

Because beautiful lady, you do deserve to have the hair you've always dreamed of.....



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